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Welcome to Houston Bionics

At HoustonBionics we create a community that helps stroke survivors regain their independence.

HoustonBionics is committed to supporting neurorehabilitation by using the latest technology. We have spent countless hours developing exoskeletal robotics systems to help stroke patients make real progress during their physical therapy sessions. Our ExoRehab X system was used with actual patients at the Texas Medical Center, Houston, TX, and it was due to their extremely positive feedback that we were motivated to continue our journey to help stroke victims improve their mobility.

We realized that many patients desired a way to speed up progress during their physical therapy sessions, but found that they felt restricted by appointment times and scheduling. This was why ExoRehab X was born. We wanted to help patients continue the therapy process with convenience and in the comfort of their own home. The results speak for themselves.

Our founding team has partnered with some of the most well known and respected names in robotics and neuro-therapy to bring you an easy to use at home therapy device.

After thousands of hours of clinical use and patient feedback, and support from the nation’s top medical professionals in this area, we are proud to help you get better, faster.


Scientific Advisory Board

HoustonBionics’ Scientific Advisory Board members are highly respected and accomplished thought leaders from academia, clinical practice, and commercial healthcare organizations.

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