Types of Stroke

Types of Stroke and Treatment

A stroke is a medical term for a blood vessel in the brain bursting and bleeding or when a part of the brain is deprived of blood supply and, by extension, oxygen and vital nutrients. Blood and oxygen are rendered unable to reach the brain because of the rupture or...

Brain Stem Stroke: What You Need to Know

It might be challenging to diagnose brain stem strokes since they can have complicated symptoms. Without the characteristic weakness on one side of the body that characterizes most strokes, a person may have vertigo, dizziness, and acute imbalance. Vertigo symptoms...

Paralysis Symptoms

Paralysis is experienced as a loss of muscle function in some or all of the body. There are varying degrees of paralysis that you can experience; for example, Bell's Palsy is a condition that affects the facial muscles. Palsy means paralysis of voluntary movement in...

I was having trouble preparing food since I couldn't use my impaired arm before. After using ExoRehab X I can get support from my impaired arm while preparing a snack or chopping vegetables and fruits on the board.

Ö. B. – Age: 56,
12 Months post-stroke

I've become more aware of my impaired arm after only a 3-week treatment with this device. For example, I would normally extend my non- impaired arm to reach for an object. Now I'm reaching with my impaired arm first.

A. R. – Age: 40,
60 Months post-stroke

After using ExoRehab X, I started to use my impaired arm in my daily activities. For example, I can now wash my face using both my hands.

H. Ö. – Age: 42,
22 Months post-stroke

After the stroke, I would open doors with my non-impaired arm. Or people around me would open the doors for me. After training with ExoRehab X, I am able to use my impaired arm and try to open them, and most of the time I succeed.

A. G. – Age: 40,
58 Months post-stroke

I used to only use my non-impaired arm while getting up from my chair, bed or getting out of the car. After using ExoRehab X for only 3 weeks I am able to use my impaired arm as a support.

S. M. S. – Age: 79,
48 Months post-stroke
Hemiplegia Symptoms: What Is It, Causes, and More

Hemiplegia Symptoms: What Is It, Causes, and More

Some of you would be coming across the word 'Hemiplegia' for the first time though you might know what it stands for. One might not be familiar with the technical term for one-sided paralysis. Paralysis is a medical condition that causes muscle function in any part of...

Ischemic Stroke: Overview, Causes, Early Signs And Medication

Ischemic Stroke: Overview, Causes, Early Signs And Medication

How often have you heard the news about someone affected by a stroke? Probably multiple times. You would have a vague idea about stroke symptoms from a news article or information about a friend or a relative who would have been through the implications of stroke. You...