ExoRehab X


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  • Limited Availability: Only 300 custom-built devices will be available in 2022
  • Pre-order is limited to 100 devices
  • 2022 Pre-orders end December 31
  • Deposit is fully refundable no questions asked
  • Enjoy $299 early-bird discount + free shipping and installation
  • Shipments will be processed and arrive within 6-8 weeks. Pre-orders will get priority in the delivery que.


*Up to a 36-month financing option will be available for qualified individuals. The subscription for online training with other users, advanced personalization, and performance evaluation features is $29/month.

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The ExoRehab X is an at home device for recovery of arm and hand movement after a stroke.

By continuing your therapy at home after your PT visit, you can help improve even faster

The device tracks even the slightest movements, so you can measure progress even when you can’t notice it

Using the fun gaming model,  train with others online, share your achievements, and push each other forward

Gamified Training at the Comfort of Your Home

Training regimen that progressively pushes you forward

ExoRehab X tailors the training according to your movement capability and challenges you gradually based on your performance on every training session.

Witness Your Strength

Measure results in days, not months

Measure Your Performance

ExoRehab senses even the slightest improvement on your movement capability and keeps you motivated by reporting your progress daily using understandable metrics.

Move Forward Together

Train together with fellow stroke survivors online

You are not alone on your journey to recovery. With ExoRehab X, train with others online and push each other forward.

Clinically Proven Results

Chronic stage stroke survivors achieved on average 2.96 times higher improvement on the capability of carrying out activities of daily living compared to the control group which received conventional therapy (measured with Fugl-Meyer Assessment – FMA)